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Category: Editorial


This multidisciplinary theatre work is revolutionising how theatre makers combine architecture, installation art, light, music, film and performance.

Translating past hurts: A reflection on The Reckoning

LRT intern Iris Higginbotham recalls her experience of witnessing Michelle St Anne’s . The Reckoning’ – a viewing of this work-in-progress, which featured an image based concert with Microfiche, Imogen Cranna and Cloé Fournier. In this article, Iris reflects on the impact of viewing a story that mirrored her lived experience, which ties in her unique perspective a […]

the tension of abstraction

The foul of the air presented the beauty and the power of physical assemblage, with the energy and intentions of the performers and the audience merging through physical proximity. The filmed remnants of the live performance of The Foul of the Air are just that – perfectly curated and edited slices of a performance that in […]

Sites of Violence

Where the women become the non-human – the rivers, the coastlines, the Australian bush, an endangered species.

Defined Femaleness

The all-too-ordinary tendency to use the passive voice when reporting on physical and sexual violence

Representing Heat through performance

The ‘elephant in the room’, the reality of increasing climate change and its impacts, became the recurring theme and image – prompting reflection and engagement.

The truth behind Lola

Socially isolated during a record heat wave, Lyn died the kind of death that we can expect to be attributable to global warming.

Performing Climate Change

both refrain from telling a straight-forward story, both work collaboratively, but also rely on their own artistic “voice” uncompromisingly.