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Remember when you were 20 and had all those big ideas?

The Living Room Theatre will be turning 20 in 2020 and to celebrate we are going to premiere a major work ‘a foul of the air’.

This art can’t happen without you.
Your tax-deductible donation, no matter the amount, helps The Living Room Theatre make unconventional art that won’t fit in conventional spaces.

The funds go directly to paying the artists – 10 double bass players, 10 performers, designers and even our resident equine star, ‘Jazz’  – all contributing to the diversity of Australian performance.

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Her work typifies an understanding not just of the power of the artform to create compelling storytelling, but moreover a criticality that extends the capacity of the work well beyond that of her contemporaries. In this way, St Anne has been able to unlock unique perspectives across contemporary theatre making that push at the very edges of the practice.

Lawrence English

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