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Mission of the Research Hub

“More importantly than the working surface of violence against women… is the inestimable healing capacity of the imaginary world”.
Del Kathryn Barton – visual arts and filmmaker

To rewrite societal scripts through a multi-arts focus.
It is through our multi-disciplinary artistic and scholarly research that we address systemic injustice and inequality by amplifying the themes of trauma and violence.

Over twenty years Artistic Director, Michelle St Anne has been pioneering her own methodology that provides a hothouse for artists and a gymnasium for scholars. The audacious cross-disciplinary collaborations on the LRT floor shift engrained perceptions while engaging in critical dialogues that reflect the significant issues of our time.

Her methodology ‘Composing Self’ is  an embodied practice of collaboration steered towards constructing safe in collaborative and self-determined spaces where artists can take risks, extend their practice and reckon with their own methodologies.

St Anne’s room values a supportive and inquisitive environment grounded in care, kindness and personalised engagement with participants.

If you’re interested in becoming involved...

Support the fevered performances and artistic dreamers of The Living Room Theatre, who push the boundaries of theatrical possibilities. Your tax-deductible donation will help us continue to create our visceral fevered worlds that explore themes of violence, trauma, and injustices of the female body in neglected and abandoned spaces.