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Rip into the LRT back catalogue to view & listen to our heartbeat.

Welcome to our Youtube Channel where you can view our work. For a better experience, turn off your lights, leaving just the bathroom light on and follow our journey from 2000 to today.


Discover the meanings behind our work from radio interviews across Sydney.


Dip into the unseen of our work with magazines that document the journey of each work. Showcasing 'Anastasia' as a resech project.

  • Publication | 06 September 2023 The Anastasia Project

    The Anastasia Project explores how and why people who believe in climate change choose to ignore it, and how people can be empowered to take climate action.


A collection of blogs and insights into the making and craft of each wirk from multiple perspectives.

  • Publication | 21 April 2024 Sympoiesis interview: Michelle St Anne on ‘The Seeping Woman’

    Ira Ferris from Eastside Radio 89.7FM in conversation with the Artistic Director of The Living Room Theatre, Michelle St Anne, about her latest work THE SEEPING WOMAN. The LIVING ROOM THEATRE has been in existence for more than 20 years and is known for giving voice to the unspoken and unseen. They create works that […]

  • Publication | 04 November 2023 Broadsheet

    This multidisciplinary theatre work is revolutionising how theatre makers combine architecture, installation art, light, music, film and performance.

  • Publication | 02 November 2023 Ensemble in Residence Profile: Microfiche

    What I love about Microfiche is how we try and blur those lines between composition and improvisation.

  • Publication | 02 November 2023 Introducing Ira Ferris | Associate Artist

    Multi-disciplinary artist Ira Ferris joins LRT as an Associate Artist. Ira’s experience is broad covering a wide section of the sector from practice, curation and curiosity. Recently, St Anne invited Ira to join the company for our major work ‘The Reckoning’ and a new partnership started to take shape.  We took a stroll with Ira to […]

  • Publication | 02 November 2023 Part 2: Microfiche after The Reckoning

    We cycle through several iterations before we reach what is wanted.

  • Publication | 01 October 2023 Shifts between the mirror

    This presentation shifts between the mirror of the author, the theatre maker, characters and audience.