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Translating past hurts: A reflection on The Reckoning

LRT intern Iris Higginbotham recalls her experience of witnessing Michelle St Anne’s . The Reckoning’ – a viewing of this work-in-progress, which featured an image based concert with Microfiche, Imogen Cranna and Cloé Fournier. In this article, Iris reflects on the impact of viewing a story that mirrored her lived experience, which ties in her unique perspective a […]

Welcome / Marie Papas

Creating intimate, purposeful and engaging experiences for the respective target audience

Rhythmic Spaces

No longer did I need to look behind. Never again because he was dead. And dead men don’t…

the tension of abstraction

The foul of the air presented the beauty and the power of physical assemblage, with the energy and intentions of the performers and the audience merging through physical proximity. The filmed remnants of the live performance of The Foul of the Air are just that – perfectly curated and edited slices of a performance that in […]