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This multidisciplinary theatre work is revolutionising how theatre makers combine architecture, installation art, light, music, film and performance.

Introducing Ira Ferris | Associate Artist

Multi-disciplinary artist Ira Ferris joins LRT as an Associate Artist. Ira’s experience is broad covering a wide section of the sector from practice, curation and curiosity. Recently, St Anne invited Ira to join the company for our major work ‘The Reckoning’ and a new partnership started to take shape.  We took a stroll with Ira to […]

Shifts between the mirror

This presentation shifts between the mirror of the author, the theatre maker, characters and audience.

!!Slight hand of mentorship

the result was a specific kind of listening beyond sound but included our relationship to space, costume, light and bodies.

Translating past hurts: A reflection on The Reckoning

LRT intern Iris Higginbotham recalls her experience of witnessing Michelle St Anne’s . The Reckoning’ – a viewing of this work-in-progress, which featured an image based concert with Microfiche, Imogen Cranna and Cloé Fournier. In this article, Iris reflects on the impact of viewing a story that mirrored her lived experience, which ties in her unique perspective a […]

Welcome / Marie Papas

Creating intimate, purposeful and engaging experiences for the respective target audience