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Welcome / Marie Papas


Michelle St Anne


The Living Room Theatre welcomes Marie Papas as our Senior Brand and Marketing Strategist consulting to the Board. Marie is charged with supporting Ray Parslow our Brand Custodian with a refresh of the brand.

“I’ve been hoping for a partner in crime on the brand and marketing side to play with for LRT”.
– Ray Parslow

Marie is a brand and marketing professional with 8+ years’ experience across agency and in-house teams. Having worked on large scale brand campaigns, strategic projects and re-brands in the financial services and airline loyalty industries, Marie’s deep knowledge and skillset in this space has seen her deliver creative and commercial outcomes for clients or within her own team. Firmly valuing the strength in simplicity and the need to be single-minded, Marie’s focus is to always ladder back up to the strategy in creating intimate, purposeful and engaging experiences for the respective target audience.

Ray Parslow

In her personal time, Marie enjoys being with her husband Nick and son Patrick, going for walks and sipping a Long Black at brunch.

We are thrilled to have Marie who radiates curiosity, kindness and mischief!