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Ira Ferris

Associate Artist

Ira Ferris is a Zagreb-born, Sydney-based interdisciplinary artist and somatic practitioner, with foundation in contemporary dance and training in BodyWeather. She is interested in opening dance to diverse bodies and ways of moving, including the very subtle and minute. Her own movements are most often performed in galleries or site specifically, most recently: Oigall Projects (Melbourne), Articulate Project Space (Sydney), and as part of Kate Sherman’s ‘Temporary Ecosystems’ for the Inner West Fest. She is also a part of Lux Eterna’s multi-channel hybrid-dance video ‘8thDay’, supported by the Keir Foundation. Ira’s voice can be heard on Eastside Radio where she hosts ‘Arts Monday: Sympoiesis’ and her texts appear in ADSR Zine.

Since 2009, Ira is a co-Artistic Director of Artemis Projects, creating between Europe and Australia. In 2021, with Elia Bosshard she co-authored SPACE BODY HABIT, a book that explores and challenges our relationship to space.