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Strung Up

  • Saturday 18 January 2020

Juliet's Balcony | Dulwich Hill

In association with the Sydney Environment Institute‘s research project ‘Sites of Violence‘. 

A theatrical interpretation through sound.

She hears her own thick voice deep inside her ears when she says, ‘I need to know where I am.’ The man stands there, tall and narrow, hand still on the doorknob, surprised. He says, almost in sympathy, ‘Oh, sweetie. You need to know what you are.’

Megan Mackenzie, Professor of Gender and War joins The Living Room Theatre for a one off performance that merges her own research with the deeply resonant sounds of twelve double bass players and performance artists as they echo the predatory behaviour of the male characters in Charlotte Wood’s book ‘The Natural Way of Things’.

with Dave Ellis’ Bass Liberation Orchestra, Renata Commisso, Imogen Cranna, Cloe Fournier, Michelle St Anne and Professor Megan Mackenzie (Sydney Environment Institute).
Light: Fausto Brusomolino

As part of the creative development of ‘the foul of the air’.