in association with MARCH DANCE

A sound work without a score, a dance piece without steps, theatre without words.

In an abandoned women’s garment factory in Summer Hill, we will use the sound of 5 double basses and the movement of frenzied bodies to challenge audiences to see the world a little differently.

The foul of the air Inspired by Charlotte Wood’s award-winning book The Natural Way of Things is a genre bending performance spotlighting the unchecked forms of violence that seep out into the world around us, hidden in plain sight.

 This extraordinary work – part of March Dance 2021 – celebrates The Living Room Theatre’s 21st anniversary of artmaking, blurring the lines of concert, dance and theatre to inhabit both space and mind to get to the heart of what it is that allows violence to silently pervade the everyday.

This performance is supported by the Sydney Environment Institute.

Photo: Lucy Baird

The foul of the air is part of the Sites of Violence research project conducted at the Sydney Environment Institute at the University of Sydney. The development of the performance work was supported by The Rex Cramphorn Studio and Gunyah artist-in-residence program.

30 March - 3 April 2021
The Landlord, Summer Hill

“a wild, hallucinatory, vivid and astonishing performance inspired by my novel The Natural Way of Things. Five double bass players, four dancer/performers, no script. I kept thinking Louise Bourgeois, Pina Bausch, dreams, One flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and everything being brought to the surface in Australia right now. Watching you with my heart in my mouth & guts churning was *exactly* what it felt like to write that book. Brava”. – Charlotte Wood, author The Natural Way of Things


“The beauty of the images made their incongruously poor circumstances acceptable, in turn making the foul of the air a timely work about how easily we become immune to the mistreatment of others, especially women, without becoming overly didactic.” – Vicki van Hout