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LIVEWORKS TIDAL / Enter Sally Stage Right

  • Wednesday 26 October


Trauma has a rhythm. A surge. ‘Enter Sally Stage Right’ explores processes of memory recall and the psychological method of imagery re-scripting by exploring rhythm, noise, and performative images associated with femaleness.

In this collaborative first between Sydney’s leading female jazz artist, Chloe Kim, and theatrical artist Michelle St Anne, ‘Enter Sally Stage Right’ interrogates ways of memory making and re-making framed by Michelle’s composing self methodology, constructed using improvisational jazz techniques. This work in-development showing asks the audience to witness the discomfort of female trauma. And to be a part of new understandings for the way memory, meaning and relationships are scripted into our bodies through sound, movement and time.

Featuring special guest Julie Samerski, touch typist.


‘Enter Sally Stage Right’ uses the psychological method of imagery re-scripting to shift the recall of memory by exploring rhythm, noise, and image. 

Imagery Rescripting (ImRS)is a form of therapy created by American psychologist Jeffrey Young (the creator of Schema Therapy). ImRS is designed to gain access to and do work with the subconscious.            

‘Enter Sally Stage Right’ will use the experimental lab of LIVEWORKS to explore these rhythms through the placement of the drum kit, improvised with the body, a typewriter and voice to re-script memory in real time with the audience.