The Living Room Theatre is the artistic voice of Michelle St Anne

For eighteen years with eighteen original works, The Living Room Theatre has blurred the line between the real and the imagined, telling the stories that are stored in the body and how they seep into the world.

We make work that is local in idiosyncratic observations that are created for universal appeal which builds upon conversations between artists and their disciplines.
These conversations stretch and strengthen arts practice. The deconstruction of form leads to a new way of receiving work and inevitably leads to artistic change and reshaping.

The Living Room Theatre is a DGR/TCC registered not-for-profit organisation.
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…how do you go about teaching them something new? By mixing what they know with what they don’t know. Then, when they see vaguely, something that they think they recognise, they think ‘Ah, I know that.’ And then it’s just one more step to ‘Ah, I know the whole thing.’ And their mind thrusts forward into the unknown.
– Pablo Picasso, 1964

Artist Statement

My works sits in the framework of ‘Composed Theatre’ – a philosophical lens which creates fragments of images, sounds, text that organises and reorganises, to evoke a circuitous environment where the viewer enters a constructed reality.

I manipulate time spaces at the junction of dream logic. I look to destabilise the real and the unreal worlds by bringing together contradictory artforms, media and seemingly disparate collaborators (and a couple of my beloved horses).

My early investigation into the compositional structures of orchestral music led me to ‘Composed Theatre’ – the result is a coded world of theatrical scores rather than scripts.

I ask the performers to play with the relationship with themselves in topography of space in time in rhythm

Obsessed with the state of suffering, I am drawn to work in spaces that feel hurt, bruised, violated. My themes of female desire, the universal desire for something better and the suffering of everyday life. Within these states we find beauty. The private celebrations distilled yet unsettled. There is always something that isn’t quite right.

My work is not about the straight narrative, nor about the theatrical arc but rather what is heart driven, illogical with the narrative meted out through image, light, sound and language.



Earth Hour Awards: She only cries at night


IDEA Award I Love Todd Sampson: Event

IDEA Award I Love Todd Sampson: People’s choice


Woodside Better Business Award with Ray Parslow, Extra Black

Australia Business Arts Foundation: Good Practice