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They come for them at night



Showing of a work development

This work, will explore what a home is and will delve into the comforts of food and the familiar, as a nurturer and nourishment. Ultimately, it’s about leaving and those left behind.

In my work, the audience is invited to jump down the imagination hole and create their own unique narratives and understandings of the work. They are left to their own devices – they choose what they wish to see, hear, feel and touch. My aim here is to explore how an audience moves through a landscape, negotiating topography and weather and how this blurs the line between the performer and the viewer.

In the work, the audience will be asked to explore how a single object can perform as a link between the different artists. They’ll be asked to question how they relate to the object. I hope to create a corridor between the real and the imagined, by using the natural wonders of Eramboo Artist Environment and the soundscapes that exist here.

The narrative of They come for them at night is grounded in reality. It is directly derived from research work on food security, migration and climate change. It will transform data and research into a story about humanity and the fragility of our own safety.

These sequences will come to be in a major work in 2015. The work will build on the languages and conversations of an ensemble that originates from various disciplines and genres. I hope that this contributes to a larger communication between artists, creatives and industry about the plight of the earth and it’s peoples. The textures explored, I hope will be a part of the diverse fabric of art in Australia.