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Amelia Lane

Associate Artist

Amelia is costume and set designer who completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design and Production) at the Victorian College of Arts in 2021. Amelia has a passion for experimentation with strong aesthetics and blending modern and historical costume designs as well as installation design. Amelia strives to challenge the boundaries of traditional theatre with her interests in abstract and metaphorical design that resonates with modern audiences. Amelia’s design practice often uses experimentation with the use of fabric textures, colours and altering pieces through techniques such as painting, dyeing, beading and breaking down.

Amelia’s VCA credits include set and costume design for Wax – Atlas / Gadhaban Kurrawan, and costume design for Baccarat, The Hello Girls. Amelia’s professional credits include costume assistant/buyer Mamma Mia The Musical and as costume art finisher for Fires, Love Me, Better Man, Furiosa and Fall Guy, costume runner La Brea S2.