An Earth Hour Event

In association with the Sydney Environment Institute and the Macleay Museum

Join a remarkable Earth Hour event as we follow turtle crusader, Leah Lui-Chivizhe, to discover the ancient wisdom and the impending doom of the Green Sea Turtle.

You will go with them on their miraculous journey, as they battle climate change and seas of plastic on their migration throughout the Pacific in their attempt to return to the Torres Strait beach to where they hatched.


28 March 2016 | 7.00pm
Macleay Museum | University of Sydney

Expect to be herded by emergency nurses, surprised by a surge of young girls and meet the turtles inside the Macleay museum’s taxidermy exhibition.

In this experiential theatrical performance, Leah is joined by a group of diverse artists including concert cellist, Kate Morgan, singer Lisa Schouw with performance artists Imogen Cranna and Maddy Wilson.

Image: Green sea turtle, Hawaii, USA. Photographer: Mark Kortum 2012