Beauty and suffering traverse a suburban laneway…

Join an intimate audience to follow an acclaimed author and historian down a suburban laneway to discover the beauty and suffering of a Mother and The Great Barrier Reef for a remarkable earth hour event.

Iain McCalman’s acclaimed novel The Reef is based on 12 extraordinary tales from Captain Cook to Climate Change and, in this special one-off performance, the author himself is supported by a group of diverse artists including concert cellist Kate Morgan, sound composer Lawrence English, visual artist Lisa Kotoulas, singer Lisa Schouw with performance artists Natalia Ladyko, Imogen Cranna and Michelle St Anne.

29 March 2014 | 7.30pm
Dulwich Hill Laneway | Dulwich Hill

True to the style of experiential theatre company, The Living Room Theatre has curated a series of pop up space inside backyards, garages and doorways merging a story of the personal with the greater environment. You will experience a deconstructed narrative delivered in sound, song and hum depicting the significance of a changing world and its threat on our everyday lives.

Expect to be herded by nurses, surprised by a gaggle of teenage girls and open yourselves to your own imagined world. Piles of old TV sets, the common detritus of every city footpath this decade, will play the Earth Hour documentary, eventually interrupted by a Michaela Gleave-inspired rain installation on the verandah of a quirky local California bungalow.

The audience, artists and residents are finally welcomed, as a united little group, inside this bungalow to devour (in the dark) a sustainable supper by renowned organic butchers Feather and Bone (supported by local chefs) along with some locally sourced wine.

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