A new work in development

“I had never been safe, but I think some of the horror that hit me was because for a few years I had thought that maybe I could be, that male violence had been contained in the home I grew up in, so I could leave it behind.”
Rebecca Solnit – Recollections of my non-existence


A new work in development with Microfiche a six-piece improvising ensemble, whose music explores minimalist compositional processes to create both long-form and miniature works.

The band formed as a student ensemble at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Under the expert tuition of Phil Slater and Simon Barker, the group initially explored processes found in the music of composers John Cage and Morton Feldman, later reconceptualising those ideas into a body of original material with works contributed by every member of the group.

Microfiche quickly developed an interest in extending their playing beyond the class, and have been making albums and performing together since 2015.

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Image: Kate Gorman
Photo: Nathaniel Fay