A sound work without a score: a dance piece without steps: theatre without a script.

‘the foul of the air’ explores feminist themes on a background of violence in plain sight. Set in an abandoned women’s garment factory, five double bass players, along with the dancers, take you on a visceral journey of how easily we become immune to the mistreatment of others, especially women.

Filmed during the performance season for March Dance Festival 2021, The Foul of the Air has been described as a (fascinating) multimedia sensory journey, a work “that will not be easily forgotten”.

Film credits

a film by Michelle St Anne & Imogen Cranna
with The Living Room Theatre

Filmed and Edited: Matt McGuigan

Additional Editing by – Imogen Cranna
Final Sound Mix – Guy Harding

Performed by
Renata Commisso
Imogen Cranna
Cloé Fournier
Michelle St Anne

Double Bass
Maximillian Alduca
Marie-Louise Bethune
Will Hansen
Dave Ellis
Jacques Emery

Voice Artist
Amanda Stewart

Daniel Mercer & Michelle St Anne

Wall Markings
Lucy Baird

Lian Loke
Farisa Adi

Make Up
Natalia Ladyko

‘metronome’ composition
‘The Natural Way of Things’
Mary Rapp
Text extracts, spoken and sung, by Charlotte Wood
from the novel ‘The Natural Way of Things’
© 2015: used with permission

Photo: Christopher Wright