Are we our work?

Deadlines explores identity through the daily grind. A work on work, occupied by occupation. We’ve all got to do it so why not make the most of it. It’s a journey through voice and body, image and sound, the lateral and the literal.


4 - 10 October 2001 | 8.00pm
Tap Gallery | Palmer St | Darlinghurst

Made and designed by Michelle St. Anne
Performed by Brett Archer | Monica Brian | John Pollitt | Rochelle Whyte
with Peter Keogh on guitar

Sound design: Peter Keogh
Lighting design: Eric Bicknell


The performance was shown in conjunction with an The Exhibition curated by Justin Grainger

Joanne Boag | Justin Grainger | Patrick Faulkner   Lucy Mihaljevic | Chris Winer (Melb)