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I Love Todd Sampson (redux)


David Kary, Sydney Arts Guide


If experimental, avant garde theatre is your thing, then head to the 107 Projects performance space in Redfern this weekend to catch Michelle St Anne’s show I LOVE TODD SAMPSON.

Since graduating in 2003 from the Victorian College Of The Arts   (VCA), Michelle has been leaving a strong imprint on the avant garde theatre scene with her theatre company, the Living Room Theatre. She has created some thirteen challenging works across both Sydney and Melbourne.

Her process is to present her work in unusual spaces and to give those in society who are vulnerable. The work builds on conversations between artists and non-artists and their disciplines.

The current production sees her again work with architect Genevieve Lilley  and designer Lian Loke.

I LOVE TODD SAMPSON is set in a circuitous environment, merging sound, angled light and startling imagery. The play is billed as an ‘an experiential theatrical work which integrates architecture, sound, film, equine science and performance to expose the vulnerability of human nature.’ We follow the performer through light that illuminates the exhibition and theatre spaces, a café, corridors and a stairwell filled with snow.

Michelle changes guises through the performance including playing a vulnerable young girl, and the mother who abandoned her. Sadly, domestic violence/abuse plays a major part in the play. On her troubled journey she seeks comfort with an Iberian horse by the name of Jazz, carefully taken care of by horse trainer Kate Fenner, whom she shares tea and toast with, and Todd Sampson is always in her thoughts. Speaking to Michelle after the performance, she indeed identifies as a big Todd Sampson fan!

David Kary, Sydney Arts Guide