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Gladstone Hotel, Dulwich Hill

The Living Room Theatre in association with Kawai presents



Amidst the upheaval of the COVID lockdowns, Volant emerged from the depths of my practice studio. Hours of solitary improvisation sessions with my keyboard and saxophones birthed a diverse array of musical avenues, spanning from funk-infused vibes to introspective tones reminiscent of Chris Abrahams, and The Necks.

Inspired by the mesmerizing sight of birds flocking in dense formations against the night sky, I envisioned Volant as a jazz ensemble featuring piano, bass, sax, and drums—a sound deeply rooted in my love for the John Coltrane Quartet.

The quartet’s inception coincided with an invitation to perform for JSJ’s live-streamed concerts, where we garnered praise from the Sydney Morning Herald. Motivated by this success and driven by a desire for inclusivity, I resolved to be the only male in the project.

Bassist Hannah James, with whom I had previously collaborated, joined the ensemble, along with and drummer Holly Connor and pianist Lauren Tsamouras, whose subtle nuances and openness to experimentation perfectly complemented my vision.

With the second iteration of Volant, we meticulously honed our compositions through rehearsals and performances, evoking imagery of birds in flight—a motif that ultimately defined our album’s ethereal quality.


Matt Ottignon – saxophone
Hannah James –  bass
Holly Connor – drums
Lauren Tsamouras – piano


Ms Kitteridge & Bok Choy is part of LRT’s music program, as well as our research into how we hear and why we listen, or don’t.