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Photo: Asaparay

The Seeping Woman

  • Wednessday 10 April 2024 8pm - 9.30pm

The Gladstone Hotel

A new work as a result of Ms Kitteridge & Bok Choy for the Modalities of Listening research project.

Come witness our next Living Room Theatre production, The Seeping Woman — a work of intimacy, proximity, and quiet violence.

This site-specific work focuses on gestures both human and digital held within the seepage of fluids, fabric and observations.

A collaboration between Michelle St Anne, digital artist Linda Dement, musicians Niki Johnson & Mary Rapp, and dancer Anca Frankenhaeuser, THE SEEPING WOMAN centres around the idea that women of a certain age remain unseen in contemporary society but because they are the giants of the shoulders we stand on, there is a seepage of their bodies in the world.

Come experience this new LRT production at a local pub.

In true Living Room Theatre fashion the work is site-specific and multi-sensory; with the local sports bar playing one of the main characters in the work, affecting how we take the work in, absorb it through our whole body.

“The stage is everywhere and nowhere, which is something that I’ve always really loved to play with because I’m not only interested in what happens in front of you, but what comes up behind you, or what you can see in your peripheral vision.” – Michelle St Anne

Featuring music from Niki Johnson & Mary Rapp, as part of our regular Ms Kitteridge & Bok Choy music series, this performance runs alongside Linda Dements digital landscape, spoken word by Michelle St Anne, and the body of Anca Frankenhaeuser.

Supported by The Gladstone Hotel – Dulwich Hill & Performance Space (‘Live Dreams’ 2023)