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The Lock Up // the foul of the air

The Lock Up Newcastle

Presented by The Lock Up, Newcastle supported Catapult Dance.

Inspired by Charlotte Wood’s award-winning book The Natural Way of Things, the foul of the air is a genre bending performance set in multiple spaces inside Newcastle’s The Lock Up. Inside this 1800S Police Station reimagined as a contemporary arts space, three male double bass players, and single woman will take you on a visceral journey of how easily we become immune to the mistreatment of others, especially women.

the foul of the air has been described by the author Charlotte Wood as:

“a wild, hallucinatory, vivid and astonishing performance inspired by my novel The Natural Way of Things. I kept thinking Louise Bourgeois, Pina Bausch, dreams, One flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and everything being brought to the surface in Australia right now. Watching you with my heart in my mouth & guts churning was *exactly* what it felt like to write that book. Brava”

Photos: Chris Brown