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The Intimacies of Women

  • 2004

Tap Gallery, Sydney

Something nameless and unknown

This is a chamber work made to test new theatre practices I learned at the VCA.

I’m interested in transposing image and music into theatrical form. How do I reveal image, sustain it and deplete it. This work is about the influences of Edward Hopper, Frederico Fellini, Steve Reich and Heiner Müeller on my work. About finding space, breath and the timbre of these influence and weaving them into my aesthetic form. Before I start any project I always think about what Picasso once said:

“…how do you go about (revealing)… something new? By mixing what they know with what they don’t know. Then, when they see vaguely, something that they think they recognise, they think ‘Ah, I know that’. And then it’s just one more step to “Ah, I know the whole thing’. And their mind thrusts forward into the unknown.” – Picasso

Here I create a coded world of women caught between their epic and domestic worlds.