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TALK// Composing through bodies

  • Saturday 11 March 2023

The Forest Lodge Hotel

Presented by March Dance in partnership with The Living Room Theatre and the Inner West Council

How do we find our language in each others bodies?

This candid conversation between artist Sue Jo Wright and theatrical artist Michelle St Anne, explores what it means to be inside your own body whilst embodying the expression of each others.

The conversation will weave around performances from their new work The Reckoning which is currently in development.

The conversation includes a sharing of a vignette from The Reckoning with Jacques Emery.


In a first-time collaboration between Michelle St Anne and Sue Jo Wright, The Reckoning uses the body as a site for exploring structural violence, to expose systems of violence. Through music, performance, and Auslan, this work seeks to develop a shared commentary on how we hear and what it means to listen by interrogating ableist tropes and the Deaf experience.

Inspired by recent events, lived experience and insights by Amy Remeikis’ novella On Reckoning.


Michelle St Anne is a site-responsive artist whose immersive and intimate performances create unique audience experiences. Michelle’s work is deeply symbolic, responding to site-specific architectures, audience movement, and embodied participation through lighting, smell, sound, and temperature shifting the way audiences perceive critical issues of our time. This produces work that leaves a profound impact on audiences long after the performance has finished. Michelle’s practice interrogates collaboration and devising to re-write bodily and societal scripts.

Outside of her artistic practice Michelle lives in Sydney and has a long-term research career exploring environmental issues and the link between social forms of violence.

Sue Jo Wright is a Sydney-based artist working primarily with photography, video, and textiles which explore her identity as a Deaf person.

Sue grew up being torn between the ‘hearing world’ and the ‘deaf world,’ speaking orally in the beginning of her life and not using sign language until the age of 10. As Sue felt that sign language saved and enriched her life, she is inspired to create artwork in an attempt to break the barriers between the two ‘worlds’ and offer the wider community a glimpse into the identity of the Deaf community.

website: Sue Jo Wright

Provocateur Ira Ferris is a Zagreb-born, Sydney-based interdisciplinary artist and somatic practitioner, with foundation in contemporary dance and training in BodyWeather. She is interested in opening dance to diverse bodies and ways of moving, including the very subtle and minute.

Since 2009, Ira is a co-Artistic Director of Artemis Projects, creating between Europe and Australia. In 2021, with Elia Bosshard she co-authored SPACE BODY HABIT, a book that explores and challenges our relationship to space.
IG: @artemisprojects