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  • 2001

ap Gallery, Sydney

The dreamers expose themselves to risk, asleep and awake

Sleep is a one-act play, which explores sleep and dreams in their two states, waking and sleeping.

Sleep is a state that involves the whole body. A dream is a story that a person watches or even takes part in during sleep. In our dreams most of our feelings are uncompensated. Compensating involves an act of the will. Through dreams we can potentially understand our pure and naked feelings and reactions. In the waking state our feelings are usually censored by the barrier between the conscious and the unconscious: we frequently don’t allow our feelings expression, even to ourselves.

Whilst we are asleep however, when our will is not so active, the barrier is lowered and our feelings and actions find expression in an uncompensated way. The dreamers expose themselves to risk, asleep and awake.