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  • Saturday 25 May 7.30PM
  • 8.30PM

ESCAC | 34 Burton St Darlinghurst

The Living Room Theatre presents: ‘She’

What happens when She says ‘no’. The world becomes littered with paper trails and anecdotes of she said/he said. In 2024 we still do not know what it is to make that complaint, how careers are lost and women are silenced to favour the career of power.

‘She’ traces the labyrinth of the complaint process through music, performance, and Auslan, as commentary on how we hear and what it means to listen.

Created by Michelle St Anne

Merina Steimel (as the complainant)
Ruth Evans (Auslan interpreter)
Eileen Camilleri
Anca Frankenhauser

Hayley Chan
Sam Gill
Niki Johnson
Clayton Thomas

Text: Amy Remeikis ‘On Reckoning’