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Jazz Cats Trivia Night

  • Saturday 1 June 2024 | 6.30PM

Forest Lodge Hotel

The Living Room Theatre’s Annual Trivia Night

Join us in championing our artistic pursuits, that challenge systemic norms surrounding female violence.

Join us under the smoky ambiance of swinging tunes for a night of musical knowledge and rhythmical wit. Test your non jazz IQ, groove to the beats of trivia, and let your inner jazz cat roam free. Grab your pals, bring your sax appeal, and get ready to scat your way to victory at our jazz-themed trivia night!

It’s ok – they won’t be all jazz questions. probably just 5.

Whether you’re feeling the vibe of a smooth jazz cat or channeling the spirit of the roaring ’20s, come dressed to impress in your finest jazz-inspired attire. From dapper suits and fedoras to flapper dresses and feather boas, let your style syncopate with the rhythm of the evening. Bonus points for those who dare to combine both jazz and cat themes! Get ready to strut your stuff, show off your style, and jazz up the night with your purr-fect ensemble!”

Tantalizing side of mouthwatering delights—complimentary pizza, salad, and wings await your arrival.

Special thanks to our prize donors