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I Love Todd Sampson (redux)

Comfort can be found in strange places when a horrifying tale unfolds.

The Living Room Theatre celebrates 15 years of work and survival with a collision of two of its most significant works Billie (2003) & I Love Todd Sampson (2013)

I Love Todd Sampson (redux) is a theatrical experience which integrates space, sound, film, equine science and performance to expose the vulnerability of human nature.

Laura is not doing too well – old friends are back to haunt her as she tries to hide from her past. During difficult years with her father, the young girl Billie constructed an alternative reality. She emerges as Laura, who is struggling with her life and trying to create a new reality. It is the voice of television identity Todd Sampson – co-creator of the Earth Hour initiative and commentator on Gruen & The Project – that brings comfort.