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  • Wednesday 28 February | 7.00PM. - 10.00PM

Gladstone Hotel, Dulwich Hill

The Living Room Theatre in association with Kawai presents


Ms Kitteridge & Bok Choy is proud to present the debut of this exciting new collaboration! Featuring four of Sydney’s most exciting composer-improvisers, this new project builds on the quartet’s rich history of collaborations in some of Sydney’s most forward-thinking groups, including Microfiche, SOFT SPOT, and Cerulean Plume. Their first performance in this new configuration will present a series of improvisations featuring lush melodicism, hypnotic minimalism and immersive soundscapes.

Sam Gill – saxophones & percussion
Nick Calligeros – trumpet & electronics
Phillippa Murphy-Haste – clarinets & viola
Hilary Geddes – guitar


Ms Kitteridge & Bok Choy is part of LRT’s music program, as well as our research into how we hear and why we listen, or don’t.