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  • Wednesday 13 March | 7.00PM - 10.00PM

Gladstone Hotel

The Living Room Theatre in association with Kawai presents


Ms Kitteridge & Bok Choy is thrilled to present this thrilling double bill.

Two of Sydney’s most esteemed improvising ensembles in a double bill for the ages.

BELIEVE and Microfiche represent multiple generations of Sydney improvisers dedicated to a genuine creative music. Their distinct approaches weave contemporary composition, pure improvisation, ritual musics and electroacoustic experimentation to explore the core element of surprise that sits at the foundation of all great jazz, regardless of style.


Laurence Pike, drums
Peter Farrar, alto saxophone and percussion
Novak Manojlovic, piano
Clayton Thomas, double bass and percussion


Max Alduca – double bass,
Novak Manojlovic – piano/keyboards,
Phillippa Murphy-Haste – clarinet/viola,
Nick Calligeros – trumpet
Holly Conner – drums/percussion,
Sam Gill – alto saxophone

Microfiche continue to create “their own sophisticated, suspensful and sometimes thrilling ways of combining composition and improvisation, with keen instincts for orchestration.”
 – John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald 2019.

Enough said.


Ms Kitteridge & Bok Choy is part of LRT’s music program, as well as our research into how we hear and why we listen, or don’t.