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  • Wednesday 28 August 7.30 - 9.30PM

The Gladstone Hotel, Dulwich Hill

The Living Room Theatre in association with Kawai presents


Experience the transcendence of sound as three virtuosic musicians, as they come together to create a captivating evening of improvised music as they navigate the realms of lucid improvisation, creating a hypnotic atmosphere that is both mesmerizing and unsettling. Each note is imbued with intention, each pause pregnant with anticipation, as the performers navigate the intricate web of sound that unfolds before them.

This performance explores the concept of multiplicity through collective listening, inviting the audience on a journey of sonic discovery where individual expressions merge seamlessly into a tapestry of harmonies and dissonances.

Monica Brooks, Piano
Laura Altman, clarinet
Jim Denley, flute/saxophone


Ms Kitteridge & Bok Choy is part of LRT’s music program, as well as our research into how we hear and why we listen, or don’t.