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A Little Room

  • 2012

Carriageworks (Syd) & Fortyfivedownstairs (Melb)

A film, a radio play, a theatre work

A Little Room is a work of immense compression. It is a world where the most human moments are illuminated by light, projection and sound.

This brooding and charming production reveals and celebrates the strength that comes with facing love lost, both real and imagined. The play’s 3 female characters, brought to life by an extraordinary cast, are caught in a mangled web of their own making, and they wait anxiously for the spell to break.

A delicate layering of sound, image and light in the production, takes inspiration from the work of Canadian sound designer, Janet Cardiff and uses compositional structures borrowed from Steve Reich and Keith Jarrett. Through the innovative manipulation of  shapes, images, light and shadows, and the complex sculpting of sound, the audience is drawn into the characters’ memories and held there in an enveloping sensory experience.

Featuring music by the Alister Spence Trio