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A Little Room



By Cheryl Threadgold 22 Mar 2012 | Melbourne Observer

 A Little Room

Writer/maker/performer and company founder Michelle St Anne artistically integrates film images and music with dialogue, as A Little Room tells of three women sharing the joys and agony of new and lost love.

The Intriguing layers to this production’s narrative area at times open to individual interpretation.

St Anne notes in the program the it is her ‘slow meditation into grief’.

One thing for certain is that the cast comprises four highly skilled actors including Susan Miller (The Narrator), Gabielle Quin (Miss Place), Kate Gorman (Lana) and Michelle St Anne (Betty).

The cast’s slow, impressively controlled movements are beautifully presented as the women’s stories unfold and Kate Gorman’s brief but tuneful vocal rendition is good too.

Michelle St Anne is indeed a highly talented ‘maker’ whose superb direction of A Little Room is strikingly complimented by Kris Chainey’s lighting and Jared Lewis’s film/sound design and original music compositions.

Congratulations to Michelle on receiving an Australia Council for the Arts grant to write the company’s next work and for courageously exploring new theatrical territory.