Holly Connor

Ensemble in Residence - Microfiche

Holly Conner is a Sydney-based drummer, percussionist and electronic music producer working across the pop & indie-rock, electronic, experimental, and free jazz music scenes. 

As a free-lance drummer, Holly has toured nationally and internationally with artists such as Holly Throsby, Microfiche, Lupa J, Marcus Whale and Human Noise; and performed at festivals such as Underbelly Arts, Liveworks Festival, VIVID Sydney, Sydney Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Edinburgh Jazz Festival. Her drumming can also be heard on several indie film and television soundtracks such as the BBC/HBO TV series Top of The Lake: China Girl, and the award-winning surf film Beyond the Noise.

In 2018 Holly began her own project, ilex, performing as a DJ, and creating live solo sets that combined physical drumming with her own electronic tracks. She released her first ilex EP, Visions of Elsewhere, in late 2021.

Website: www.hollyconner.com.au