Carter Williamson Architects with Archrival

Architects - Everest

Project: I Love Todd Sampson

Team members: Kellie Beattie, Charlotte Evans, Julia Anna de los Santos, Lisa Merkesteyn

Achrival: Lucy Humphrey, Claire McCaughan, Cecelia Humphrey, Constance Trofimovs, Patrick Fileti

CARTER-WILLIAMSON believe that architecture is the construction of ideas and atmosphere, represented as sequences of space. Our studio practice is ideas driven, and architecture is the form that captures, expresses and translates these ideas in our work.

Our people are skilled designers, architects, interior and graphic designers drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Our studio model nurtures the practice of critique and collaboration amongst colleagues, clients and consultants, leading to a rich and organic design process. Every project in our studio is fundamentally the result of a collaborative design process which we believe is key to the translation of ideas into tangible form.

ARCHRIVAL is a not-for-profit organisation whose vision is to reform local practices in architecture and design by facilitating innovative artistic and architectural work that will encourage the development of experimental
work outside of everyday professional practice.

Archrival’s experience lies in creating ephemeral, site specific and temporary works for public arts festivals, and its projects strength lies in its ability to harness interdisciplinary project teams. Archrival draws on a large network
of creative professionals, and will mobilise a passionate design team dedicated to exploring new design practices and methods of production. Archrival works actively to produce work outside of the architectural norm and to explore new materials, creating experimental spaces and merging film and new media with installation.