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Islands INsites is the closing event for the On Islands exhibition.  The audience is invited to meander through the environment to discover unique intimate performance works amongst secluded niches of Eramboo.

They Come for Them at Night is a transitional performance piece from The Living Room Theatre weaves across bush lands, with a narrative exploring sea level rises in the Pacific and the impact these rises will have on family, food and memory. You are left to your own devices – choosing what you wish to see, hear, feel and touch – inviting you to negotiate topography and weather; performer and viewer.


30 November 2014 | 4.00pm
Eramboo Artist Environment

They Come for Them at Night will create an insight into the fragility of our own safety and the humanity we find in times of great threat. Research will meet sound an image and the work will be performed by young girls in an effort to truly understand the vulnerability of humans as we face climate change.

The Living Room Theatre hopes to contribute to a larger conversation between artists, creatives, industry and academia about the plight of the earth and its peoples. The textures explored in They Come for Them at Night are part of the diverse fabric of art in Australia.

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