Voices of the Vulnerable

I Love Todd SampsonVoices of the Vulnerable is a contemporary ghost story about a middle-aged woman and the people who live inside her. Within her everyday life the story examines her dissociative states and we learn how the extraordinary exist within her every day.

I Love Todd Sampson is a multi-disciplinary theatre work integrating architecture, installation art, light, music, film and performance.

The historic beauty and disquieting nature of Pier 2/3 will become a metaphor for Laura’s mind.

A theatre work that will be part installation, part sound score, part concert.  The audience is drawn into the experience as they literally follow Laura across both levels of the Pier.

After an aborted suicide attempt she searches for new comfort by immersing herself in the life of Todd Sampson (CEO of Leo Burnett Australia, co-creator of the Earth Hour initiative and commentator on The Gruen Transfer). The reassuring and charming voice of the Canadian-born ad-man permeates the performance. Laura constructs a new reality piecing together fragments of Sampson’s life until she discovers him bathing in her tub.

I Love Todd Sampson is a compelling new work which beautifully depicts the vulnerability of human nature underpinned by a sense of disquiet.

28 February - 10 March 2013 | 8.00pm
Pier 2/3 | Walsh Bay | Sydney

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