Curated by Michelle St Anne and Jacques Emery and is supported by the City of Sydney and the Sydney Environment Institute.

The “Bottled Up” micro-festival celebrates collaborations between artists from The Living Room Theatre and scholars from the  Site of Violence research cluster at the Sydney Environment Institute.

The series of events highlights conversations centred around violence both in the home and environment as a way of understanding how they present in plain sight.

Wednesday 14 April | 5.00 – 7.30 PM | University of Sydney
Film screening: Wake in Fright
Join film scholar Bruce Isaacs to witness the embedded violence present in Australia’s hostile landscape and its aesthetic realisation in the landmark 1971 film Wake in Fright.
This is a deeply unsettling film about Australian masculinity mapped onto the violence imbued in the land, and it remains a caustic reminder of troubled histories that inform our own narratives of the country and its people.

Friday 16 April | 7.30 PM | East Sydney Arts and Community Centre
LRT’s 21 B’day party: Warping Worlds
You are invited to enter LRT’s warping world of askew jazz standards, the obligatory Pass-the-Parcel and a special performance by Solly Frank originally received in an email from an art AI bot in the 22nd century written for Will Hansen now played by 9 Double Bass players…before things get a little messy. 

Saturday 17 April | 7.30 PM | East Sydney Arts and Community Centre
The Concert: Hearing the Unheard
An evening of sonic explorations will interpret and reimagine research from criminologists and social scientists featuring Heather Shannon, Alexis Weaver, Jim Denley, Jacques Emery and Romy Caen

Wednesday 14 - Sunday 18 April 2021
East Sydney Arts and Community Centre