IN LEAGUE / Ensemble Offspring, Will Hansen

“Curtains are Blowing Slowly…” is a collaboration between Michelle St. Anne (The Living Room Theatre) And Will Hansen (Double Bassist, Composer). Consisting of several original scenes and texts by Michelle and an ethereal improvised accompaniment by Will, “And the Curtains are Blowing Slowly…” showcases musical solos by double bassist and dramaturg alike.

Our work explores alcoholism, violence against women, and musing over your earliest recollections in this lucid series of physical and sonic allegories.

Featuring original music and content by
Will Hansen and Michelle St Anne
created as part of Ensemble Offspring’s
Musical Microparks – Sydney Festival 2021

Filmed by Matt McGuigan, Hospital Hill
Edited by Tim McGuigan
Filmed on location Gadigal Land

As part of Musical Microparks, by Ensemble Offspring for Sydney Festival

Step outside for a pop-up musical and performative walking tour of Erskineville featuring diverse duo combinations from a range of cultural backgrounds, now firmly rooted here in Australia. In parks, courtyards and unexpected pockets of green, Ensemble Offspring’s acclaimed instrumentalists pair up with special guests for 6 unique duets – sharing universal stories told from the heart.

15 January -17 January 2021 @ 5:30 pm
Erskineville Parks & Town Hall

“Across all four installations the connection between performers was palpable and a joy to watch (particularly between Hansen and St Anne who have worked together previously…)”
– Michael Kaufmann, Limelight