Three new contemporary performance works exploring the dichotomy of beauty / brutality, dance / identity and social / gender behaviour.


‘How I Practice My Religion’ by Ryuichi Fujimura – explores Ryuichi’s personal dance history through text and movement and unpacks his physical and mental actions when dancing. Evolving from his love for dance, How I Practice My Religion is dedicated to his first three dance teachers; Margaret Lasica, Caroline English and Anastasi Siotas.

‘Wildebeest’ by Omer Backley-Astrachan Ensemble premiered earlier this year in Riverside Theatres, Sydney as part of Dance Bites 2018. Fall down the rabbit hole of seduction and deception as the five bodies in Wildebeest challenge stereotypical gender dispositions. Wildebeest examines the artifice of social and gender behaviour through a distillation of human interactions.

‘Ten Young Women’ by The Living Room Theatre – a theatrical work exploring the dichotomy of beauty and brutality within the lifts, stairwell and studio. Exploring images inspired by Charlotte Wood’s book ‘The Natural Way of Things‘, This exploration will feed into the larger work ‘a foul of the air’ in October.

“Sinuous, demanding choreography terrifically danced” Dance Informa
“A strong deeply moving piece” Weekend Notes

The Flying Nun is a cultural program curated by Brand X at the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre (ESCAC) featuring exhibitions, performances, workshops and events.

26 -28 April 2018 | 8.00PM
East Sydney Community and Arts Centre | 34 Burton Street | Darlinghurst