‘Through the Looking Glass’ is a creative development for ‘The Reckoning’ and is part of the EDGE Sydenham Festival


Sadly, we need to postpone today’s event.


‘The Reckoning’ is a new chamber work by Michelle St Anne and Sue Jo Wright, with dance artist Imogen Cranna, and ensemble in residence, Microfiche – a six-piece improvising ensemble.

In a first-time collaboration between Michelle St Anne and Sue Jo Wright, St Anne shares her framework for ‘composing self’ – an embodied practice of collaboration, constructing safe, collaborative and self-determined spaces where artists can take risks, extend their practice and reckon with their own methodologies. The collaborative process between St Anne and Wright aims to develop a shared commentary on how we hear and what it means to listen by interrogating ableist tropes and the Deaf experience.

‘Through the Looking Glass’, gives you a peek into the ‘composing self’ rehearsal environment.

Artists: Michelle St Anne, Sue Jo Wright, Imogen Cranna
Auslan Interpreter: Marnie Van Vliet
Microfiche Musicians: Nick Calligeros – trumpet, Sam Gill – alto saxophone


What is EDGE Sydenham?

The festival celebrates urban artists and cultural life, bringing together the industrial and creative arts industries of Sydenham showcasing where art is made, who is making it and why it matters.

The  weekend of the 13/14th August features the popular Creative Trails, weaving around over 40 artist spaces plus guided tours, exhibitions, installations and street art, underground spaces, loads of live music and parties.

Swamp Gallery | 102 Victoria Rd, Marrickville

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