‘you can have a seat at the table to talk about this serious issue, but only if you behave yourself, and only if you act in a matter that’s civilise and becoming’ – Amy Remeikis


‘The Reckoning’ Sharing Moment evening includes an imagery based concert with Microfiche, Eileen Camilleri, Imogen Cranna and Cloé Fournier followed by a discussion.

‘The Reckoning’ is a new chamber work by Michelle St Anne, with actor Eileen Camilleri, dance artists Imogen CrannaCloé Fournier and ensemble in residence, Microfiche – a six-piece improvising ensemble whose music explores minimalist compositional processes to create both long-form and miniature works.

Inspired by recent publications by Sarah Ahmed, Jess Hill and Amy Remeikis, this work explores through the lenses of musicians, dance artists and a theatre maker why we remain wilfully deaf to the subjects that threaten the power of the powerful. ‘The Reckoning’ moves beyond instigating sympathy or empathy. Instead, it stretches our moral imagination so that individuals who find themselves in the toxic cultures of institutions discover empowerment through recognition and a collective voice.

Microfiche –  Max Alduca – double bass, Novak Manojlovic – piano/keyboards, Phillippa Murphy-Haste – clarinet/viola, Nick Calligeros – trumpet, Holly Conner – drums/percussion, Sam Gill – alto saxophone

Supported by 107 presents and March Dance

Image: Cloé Fournier
Photo: Christopher Wright


Sunday 27 March 2022 | 5.00pm | $15
The Drill Hall 1C New Beach Rd, Darling Point NSW 2011