A soundscape experience featuring music from the ‘Anastasia’ Project.
St Anne has created a body of work to interpret research conducted at the Sydney Environment Institute for a new audience.
The ‘Anastasia’ Project aimed to design theatrical ways to communicate academic research on climate adaptation (and in particular shock heat events) to a wider audience; measure the impact of theatric forms of knowledge translation, and contribute to wider debates about the role of the arts in understanding the ‘impact’ of the modern university.The series of works allowed St Anne to play with the sound of heat, the feel of heat, the unease and isolation of heat and its effect on the vulnerable.

To celebrate the end of the project The Living Room Theatre brings together the two composer/musicians to improvise through field recordings gathered from the project.

Alexandra Spence – field recordings, tapes and amplified objects
Mary Rapp – electronics

featuring Glenn Shea and Roma St Anne

Set inside a suburban home, the research work finds an intimacy, immediacy and relevance with its audience.

10 November 2018 | 7:30pm
Dulwich Hill Laneway | Dulwich Hill