A night of sumptuous sounds and a heartwarming supper to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

Musicians came together to play music from the back catalogue of The Living Room productions. From Bach to Kate Bush, from free jazz to the Beatles. It was a night of fun, frivolity and sophistication.

In the kitchen retired head chef from Len Evans’ restaurant The Tasting Room, Carol Divjak prepared a nurturing feast.

The event raised funds to support our “Night Series” which include “They come for them at night” about the plight of refugees and for “She Only Barks at Night” in the Macleay Museum, The University of Sydney. Hysteria in 19th century Paris meets taxidermy.

Musicians include: Alister Spence, Mary Rapp with Imogen Cranna, Peter Keogh and Michelle St Anne

30 June 2015
Colbourne Ave | St Johns Rd | Glebe