As part of Eastside Sydney Music Festival 8-concert Music Trail

Provoked by the opening of Charlotte Wood’s award-winning book ‘The Natural Way of Things’, theatre maker Michelle St Anne has composed a theatrical soundscape featuring musicians Mark Bosch (Violin), Josephine Macken (Base Flute), Max Alduca (Double Bass) and performers Renata Commisso, Imogen Cranna and Cloe Fournier..

Embodying the sound of the Australian Gothic, the music responds to the disorientation of Wood’s protagonist, Yolanda, in her new dystopian reality.

A detail from The Living Room Theatre’s upcoming production ‘the foul of the air’.

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About the festival

Curated by artistic director Neal Peres Da Costa (Professor and Associate Dean of Research at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music), Eastside Sydney Music Festival (ESMF) will bring together many of Australia’s finest musicians in one week of concerts.

Among the 13 fabulous events, the 2019 ESMF includes three Sydney-based classical music ensembles – Ironwood, Australian Haydn Ensemble and Muffat Collective and an 8-concert Music Trail (in which the audience circulates around 8 eclectic venues), to feast on beautiful and diverse sounds from the classical, jazz, pop, and folk idioms.

The Eastside Sydney Music Festival will foster and support the presentation of beautiful music from classical to jazz and popular forms, in eclectic and spaces bijoux spaces – town and church halls, community centres, pubs, shops, and street corners. The festival includes main stage concerts, a music trail, buskers, and free events including community singing.

Saturday 31 August 2019
Imperial Hotel | Oxford St | Paddington