How can art help articulate the intangible elements of climate research? How can theatre embody academic knowledge in a way that compels people outside of the academy to respond?

This collaboration between the Sydney Environment Institute and The Living Room Theatre I just wanted to be alone with her – developed from SEI’s research into artistic communication of academic knowledge surrounding heatwaves – explores the impact of heat on an ageing population.

Melding together sociological and physiological research into the effects of heat, and new research by Rebecca Scott-Bray into the legal and societal understandings of death, I just wanted to be alone with her tackles the complexities of life in a warming world.

Join us for this pre-performance talk, as three University of Sydney scholars reflect on the experience of having their research transformed into an artistic work.


Associate Professor Rebecca Scott Bray, School of Social and Political Sciences
Professor David Schlosberg, Sydney Environment Institute
Associate Professor Ollie Jay, Thermal Ergonomics Laboratory


Professor Danielle Celermajer, School of Social and Political Sciences

Saturday 8 September 2018
107 Project, 107 Redfern St | Redfern