More than five years ago, we explored the sublime possibility of filling the house with acoustic basses and it was a wonderful thing. In 2019, we are going to take the experiment to another level…

Dave Ellis’s Bass Liberation Orchestra + The Living Room Theatre

Dave writes… “a bunch of young guns and a couple of old codgers contributing to a concept of collective, collaborative, celebratory, contrabass(ic) creation. Exploration of any (all) area(s) of musical expression is encouraged, expected and, indeed, mandated! Our members share a love of our chosen instrument and its expressive qualities and possibilities.

Our charter is to explore the sonic possibilities of the Double Bass

We aim to find or create textures and lines, solo or in combination, using all manner of influences. Nothing is expected, anything can happen. The group can be anything from a solo double bass through its current number of 13 to… there is no limit to its membership.”

with The Living Room Theatre

Provoked by of Charlotte Wood’s award-winning book ‘The Natural Way of Things’, theatre maker Michelle St Anne -The Living Room Theatre has composed a theatrical soundscape featuring members of Dave Ellis’s Bass Liberation Orchestra with performers Renata Commisso, Imogen Cranna and Cloe Fournier.

Embodying the sound of the Australian Gothic, the musicians will respond to the struggle of Wood’s female characters, and what it means to be hurt and hunted.

A detail from The Living Room Theatre’s upcoming production ‘the foul of the air’.

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18 August 2019 | 7.30PM
People's Republic