Presented by March Dance in partnership with The Living Room Theatre

A message from above…

In Jacques Emery’s new site-specific performance work, the ensemble will be heard but never seen.

 The creak of a staircase
The sound of your neighbour’s TV through the walls…

 Upon hearing a sound, our instinct is to determine its location and distance in order to situate ourselves in the environment.

What is the sound of a haunted building? How does it feel to eavesdrop?

 While the audience are seated in The Landlord’s Level 2 concert space, the ensemble will playfully activate the warehouse environment around them with a variety of Emery’s sound-game compositions.

Did you hear that?

Like little critters scurrying around, climbing up the walls, playing tricks and sonic mischief; always out of sight.

The performers are present
The performers are absent

Performed by the Jacques Emery Ensemble
featuring Cloé Fournier & Emma Langfield

Saturday 18 March 2023 | 4PM - 6PM | $20
The Landlord | Hardie Ave, Summer Hill