The Living Room Theatre presents the showing of ‘A Requiem for Anastasia’ and an artist talk from artistic director, Michelle St Anne– a result of our time “warming up” Brand X’s East Sydney Arts and Community Centre (ESACC).

This performance offers a glimpse into St Anne’s creative process and is a departure from her usual home within cold, dark and dank spaces. The ESACC is shiny new venue, but has revealed over time little pockets of joy with hidden voids and streetscapes too delicious to ignore and perfect to house Anastasia’s requiem.

Using the premise of the enduring image – how it arrives, is sustained and is deconstructed – Michelle examines the purgatory just after death, where she plays with the sound of heat, the feel of heat, the unease and isolation of heat and its effect on the vulnerable.

28 October 2017 | 7.00PM
East Sydney Arts and Community Centre | 34 Burton St | Darlinghurst